i hit 40k words, 112 pages

and i sobbed like a baby writing the most recent scene

10 hours ago on 09/01/14 at 10:38pm
are they watching porn on a wii

no it’s this thing you tiny baby children have never seen or heard of called a vcr

you and me tho, porn on a wii

that’s what happens

2 days ago on 08/30/14 at 09:03pm
is it samash

no but that’s next ok

also look i tagged you in a post earlier

it us

2 days ago on 08/30/14 at 08:54pm

broke 20k! do you think i can do 30k before bed??

i don’t

2 days ago on 08/30/14 at 06:23pm

(via superdogbiter)


i’ve been listening to this playlist while writing — it’s lots of EDM, some hip-hop, plenty of pop, and all sorts of remixes from super chill to super dancey

(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 it constantly changes as i add/remove shit just fyi……..

3 days ago on 08/29/14 at 07:32pm

i’ve written over 15,000 words in 2 days (。☉౪ ⊙。)

3 days ago on 08/29/14 at 07:11pm
HAHAHAHA I’d play that game/watch that movie.

it would totally make a great cartoon. i’m drinking more nyquil from now on

3 days ago on 08/29/14 at 03:13pm

I took NyQuil last night and had a trippy dream.

I was moving into this beautiful but almost eerie mansion with a group of people. At one point, I looked outside of a bathroom window to see the front gates open and a woman ride through on a horse, leaving the house. She was holding a baton with a leash on either end — one leash held another horse, and the other, a gigantic horse-sized bird. As soon as they passed through the gates, the bird and horses went nuts, bucking and kicking and screaming, and she was dragged out of view asking for help.

Naturally, I ran down to help and when I found her outside of the mansion grounds, she was being cornered by the giant bird. I intervened and the bird stalked close to me and then started talking. He asked my name, if he could trust me, and then told me where a nest of his eggs was located. He was going to die soon and needed someone to look over the chicks when they hatched. I agreed and he left. The woman then told me that this type of bird is called a “coltrane” and that I had a lot of work ahead of me.

I woke up and googled coltrane because I wasn’t sure where I got that from. I’m still confused. Is my subconscious telling me I need to start listening to jazz?

3 days ago on 08/29/14 at 11:16am

I got a raise at work and the only thing I want is more time off

I guess I’ll treat myself to pizza tho

3 days ago on 08/29/14 at 09:26am

mk tagged me. I’m sorry my handwriting is illegible, I don’t use it for anything except personal notes……….

4 days ago on 08/28/14 at 07:44pm

someone move to LA with me :(

4 days ago on 08/28/14 at 07:17pm
yeah but I’d join secretly so you wouldn’t know it was me because I’m a dork

lmaooo i won’t say a word when “elavart” joins ok your secret is safe with me

1 week ago on 08/24/14 at 04:00pm

would any of my tumblr friends be interested in a forum RPG if i set up one on my personal site?

1 week ago on 08/24/14 at 03:43pm

what the fuck even is my life

1 week ago on 08/23/14 at 12:44pm