during my first day of work I invented the insult fart taco

so, yeah, I think it’s a good fit

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Well, here’s my finished thesis film! It’s called Sinner’s Road and it’s about the vidya games. I did all the stuff, and cool guy Kenzie Yango did the music.

I am more into the pre-production side of animation than the animation part, so I am super happy that I managed to finish it all by myself! I hope you guys all like it, because it was a lot of fun to make.

If you’re interested, I also had a production blog while making this!

how to be happy in 10 steps

about a month ago i made a list of things that would make me happy. i did this because i applied for and was in the final running for an animation position in los angeles with a studio that animates fox’s animation domination (simpsons, family guy, etc) and didn’t get the position. I was absolutely devastated — literal tears for days — because it was my dream job. i thought, “how could i ever possibly be happy with anything other than this, now? how am i supposed to just move on and pretend like anything else is acceptable? how am i going to be okay with being a total failure at my one and only dream?”

i made a list of things that, outside of this perfect job in los angeles, could make me happy. and moreover, i made the list of things that would make me happy living in dallas, texas. i’ve never wanted to live in dallas permanently. it’s where i was born and raised and as much as i love it, let’s be totally honest: i’m just not dallas enough. i don’t want to own a house. i don’t want children. these are the two things dallas does best and i don’t want them.

not to mention: i don’t like tex-mex and i’ve never liked barbeque. (reeling shock!)

the list is my way to combat the failures, the geography, and the discontentment. be prepared to be shocked by the cliches involved.

1. live in an urban, artistic neighborhood with everyday amenities reachable by foot.

2. live in a unique apartment with an art studio space and a view.

3. get an art job that involves working for television with a decent salary.

4. adopt a cat, maybe.

5. make several new friends. expand my social circle to include other artists.

5. create a lifestyle blog.

6. create a youtube/vimeo of short animations.

7. create a webcomic periodically updated.

8. travel abroad.

9. travel by road trip with several friends.

10. attend comic conventions as a guest.

(you might notice there’s nothing romantic on this list, and that’s because one of the caveats i’ve made includes being happy and whole with myself before being happy and whole with another person.)

anyway, i’ll come back periodically and cross off and add to the list as i make my way through. this is mostly a reference and hopefully a reminder that i can do it and i can be happy here and in what i do, hopefully.

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my future home 💖✨

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because I’m muthafockin awesome

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omfg holy shit


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I found my dream apartment today…and it was leased out from under me. Heartbroken 💔

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last one for the night. thank you everyone for your kind words

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i’m not positive but i think since my unexpected hiatus thing i’ve lost around 60 followers and i just wanna say sorry and that i’ll post more

basically my life went belly up in january and i’ve been putting pieces back together very slowly. i’m in my last 2 weeks at my current job with a magazine and i’ll be starting with an ad agency soon. it’s a really big step up and i’m halfway terrified and halfway confused kinda like a deer wandering a highway at 2am

are those headlights

i’m going to go now

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also i’m a flop but i wanted to say congrats to my bff hospitalvespers for finishing her badass film. =A=<3

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i got a new job and i’ve felt lost or something i don’t know. i’m sorry

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acclaimed author santino hassell, everyone

  • Santino: hey
  • Santino: i was ordering shushi
  • Santino: ..
  • Santino: wushi
  • Santino: ....
  • me: wow this is going on tumblr
  • Santino: no!
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I don’t know why Frank insisted on bringing me to this dinner party, I don’t even know what to talk about and everyone’s already having a conversation, it’d be awkward to butt in. A steakhouse? Really? I’m a pescetarian, Frank. We’ve known each other ten years. Nobody’s even bothered to comment on my coat or offered a tummy rub. Your friends are shit, Frank.

my favorite post of 2013

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